We see some prominent changes happening around us with time. These changes are prevalent in different forms even in the way bathrooms area made. There was a time when bathrooms were built far away from the residential places because bathrooms were considered as places where evil spirits resides. However; the thinking of the people changed as a time passed and slowly these bathroom not only reached closer to the residential areas but have become the important parts of our houses. A room without a bathroom in it seems like an incomplete room and it is also a fact that washrooms are one of the most used rooms. The purpose of washrooms is to fulfil our hygienic needs. It is not necessary to have an extra spacious place to have a well designed bathroom rather an intelligently designed bathroom can prove to be equally fundamental.  A well designed bathroom has the touch of class, luxury and all the essentialities that a person might need. In this article; we will be discussing about the fact that is bathroom vanities in melbourne and bathroom cabinets the same thing.

Are bathroom vanities and bathroom cabinets the same things?

The vanities that are made in bathrooms covers the surroundings of a sink, it hides all of the plumping pipelines so that their open exposure won’t look ugly. In addition to that; it also provides the storage area of the bathrooms. So; we can say that; a bathroom vanity covers the surroundings of sink, the plumbing lines and the storage place. There are various materials which are used in the making of a washroom vanity. One such material which gives the look of class and luxury is made up of timber. On the other hand; bathroom cabinets are the places made for the purpose of storage where bathroom products can be stored.

Recycled timber furniture:

 Timber is used in the making of different products be it the paper work or the furniture items. Timber is quite multifunctional as it not only gives aesthetic look to the place but also gives the touch of class to it. It is quite long lasting and never loses its touch of class. To save the wood or timber from getting wasted the new trend of recycling the older wood. Such type of furniture that is made from the recycled wood is known recycled timber furniture.


Bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most used rooms in every household. It is meant to fulfil people’ hygienic need and must have all the necessities in it especially the cabinets or the storage area. It is the cabinets where you can store all of your bathroom or hygienic products.  “Bombora custom furniture” offers the best services of installing bathroom vanities as well as recycled timber furniture.  Please visit www.bomboracustomfurniture.com.au for more information.